The oldest sourdough starter ever found is believed to be more than 4,000 years old and was discovered in the residue of ancient pottery in Egypt. The pottery was uncovered by archaeologists who were exploring the ancient city of Thebes, and they discovered that the residue contained yeast and bacteria that are used to make sourdough bread. The discovery suggests that sourdough bread has been a staple of the Egyptian diet for thousands of years.

The ancient Egyptians used sourdough to make various types of bread, including flatbreads and loaves. They would mix flour and water together and leave it to ferment for several days before baking it in a hot oven. The resulting bread was sour, dense, and had a distinctive flavor that was popular among the ancient Egyptians.

Today, sourdough bread remains a popular choice for bread lovers around the world, and many bakers continue to use traditional methods to make their bread. The discovery of the ancient sourdough starter in Egypt highlights the long and fascinating history of this delicious bread and the important role it has played in cultures around the world for thousands of years.

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