Pure Pink Himalayan Salt (Coarse) 1kg Premium UNREFINED | 100% Natural


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About this item

  • ✔️ How are we so competitively priced? We pack all our products here in the UK in our own accredited facility.
  • 💗 Pure Himalayan Salt contributes to lowering blood pressure and helps the body absorb nutrients.
  • 🍃 Packaged in the United Kingdom in our Organically Certified Facility.
  • 💆 Pure Himalayan Salt helps create an electrolyte balance and may aid digestion. For general and therapeutic consumption, use 200-300g.
  • 💧 Pure Himalayan Salt supports hydration and prevents muscle cramping. It is also excellent for Detoxifying – Use approx. 400-500g into a hot bath and immerse yourself in relaxation.

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