Sourdough Starter Kit DIY Gift Set


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Here you have our gift set that has all the tools for making you a better home baker. We have based these essential items from our best selling items on etsy.

With this set you will get up to 5 different items with this gift set –

1 x large round banneton rattan proofing basket with liner
1 x bamboo stirer
1 x link to download our recipe ebook and sourdough guide

Choose either –

1 x bread lame / cutter with spare blades
1 x dough cutter

Or both 🙂

Presented perfectly as a beautiful set of breadmaking tools that will get you baking perfect sourdough bread from scratch, and last a lifetime.

This Sourdough gift set makes a wonderful gift for birthdays and Christmas, and is ideal as a shared wedding present for couples who love to cook.

This kit also comes with a link to detailed instructions on how to bake sourdough bread. For you to print at home if you wish.


Both Tools, Dough Scraper, Lame Cutter


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