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Sourdough Bagels


  • Divide into 100g portions, preshape into balls.
  • Either poke a hole in the middle with your finger, and stretch the hole
  • or roll into long ‘ropes’, wind over your hand and seal the join by rubbing the ends of the rope together.
  • Retard in the fridge overnight (spray with oil, cover with plastic, put in a plastic bag)
  • The next day – bring a large pot to boil. Add a handful of brown sugar
  • Add as many bagels as will fit in a single layer (I can fit three)
  • Turn after 30 secs (cook for 1 min in total) – drain and put back on the tray
  • top with your choice of topping
  • Bake in the oven at ~200C for ~20 mins

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  • starter 400 grams
  • water 150 grams
  • flour 550 grams
  • oil 38 grams
  • brown sugar 25 grams
  • salt 15 grams