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Our aim is to be as gentle and green to the planet as we can be, in all our operations.

We always aim to work in the best interests of people and the planet, inspired by our core values of creativity and kindness.

Our Energy

Our energy is from a green credited supplier which is from renewables.

Apart from a fridge where our starters ‘sleep’, when we are not using them, we do not have any large machinery or processing plant. In the summer we may use a dehydrator for drying the sourdough starters to flakes for safe shipping in the higher summer temperatures.

In our Kitchen

When we use our ovens we cook from cold, rather than the oven being at maximum temperature, and cook multiple items to make things run more efficiently.

Our Packaging

Any packaging that we receive is recycled and reused for shipping orders and as void packaging filling. Plastic packaging that we receive is reused for packaging so it is kept out of landfill.

Our sourdough starter pouches are fully biodegradable, and the sticky label which we add by hand onto the pouch is plant based.

We use plastic-free cardboard boxes rather than plastic mailing bags. Aiming to be a plastic free as possible. Although for hygiene reasons our cooking utensils and tools may come wrapped in plastic from our suppliers which we keep on a ship to you.

Our Shipping

All carbon emissions for our orders on Etsy are offset by Etsy.

Our shipping couriers which are third parties – Yodel and Royal Mail.

  • Yodel counts its fifth consecutive year of reducing its carbon footprint, with CO2 per tonne per parcel reduced by nearly 40%, despite volumes significantly increasing.
  • Royal Mail has a plan to be Net Zero by 2040