The most delicious Sourdough Breads & Pizzas you’ll ever make, with our vegan starter. Made in Sussex, England

‘Sourdough by the Sea’ – made in Sussex with love.

Our sourdough starters are the tried and tested stars of any home baked bread.

You have a friend for life, with our sourdough starters. You can make any type of bread with this starter, when using most good quality bread flour.

“…I just love Sourdough by the Sea for helping me become a better bread maker. I purchased an awesome starter which is very strong. Jim offers great customer service and quality!…” Mark

“I didn’t think I would be able to make sourdough at home, like you see in the beautiful artisan bakeries. So I was delighted by the results of using Sourdough by the Seas’ starters.. so tasty! My friends are amazed with my new hobby!” Jane

Enjoy top quality ingredients and always friendly service

Find our best selling products below, when you buy them you have a friend for life and unlimited resource for making ‘game-changing’ home baked bread.

Our Bestsellers

White Seaside Sourdough starter

Our most popular white starter for classic sourdough bakes.

White San Francisco Starter

Handed down from a relative, this Californian cousin always delivers.

Rye Sussex Sourdough Starter

This is one lively starter. Perfect for mixed grain Sourdoughs.

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We know Sourdough baking very well..

We are passionate bread lovers, who have a daily obsession for home baking! We are happy to help at any time and alway happy to answer your questions.